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Past & Present

Our Story

We’ve learned from our parents in the past the value of ingredients’ authenticity and the simplicity of the Ladin cuisine.

Now we follow the path, that our parents showed us and we are passing it down to the new generation of the family, which works with us.

Our courses come from our land and tradition. We put all our attention and personal touch, hoping that you will appreciate it.


Famiglia Pellegrin

please take also a look to our family Hotel

Our Events

special courses for special days

The Restaurant

have your “Panoramic Lunch Time” in every season

Our new adventure began in 2011 with the opening in our garden of “Bistro al Lago”.

The instant success of the Bistro formula thrilled us and lead us to renovating also the restaurant, in which from 1974 we held not only clients and tourists lunches dinners but also a lot of events like weddings, baptisms, first communions and social dinners.

We wanted to highlight the antique wall of our house, which dates back to 1800, to remember our origins and at the same time open up to innovation with a modern interior design and clean lines, beautified by the attention to details and by the choice of the decor.

Summer Outdoor Bistrò

To freshen up body and spirit in the sun

We created the bistro for those who love eating in the sun and in the nature.

Stop by for a tasty sweet/savory snack or for a happy hour before or after your walk on the fluvial park “Vischia de Sach”, which has its start and finish point behind our Bistro.

Stop by a little longer to taste our traditional dishes such as “padella del contadino”, to stimulate the sight and the palate with our local platters and our fresh and rich salad bowls, or to relax in the sun enjoying our fanciful sandwiches.

And if you’re walking with your kids let them play in “Heidi’s house” or with other games at our clients disposal, while you’re resting


During the summer season the Bistro is open every day from 10am to 7pm

Our Wine Cellar

White or red, still or sparkling and “bollicine doc”


How we Choose our Wines

our land wine cellars

Our new wine cellar, in view and refrigerated, allows to maintain both white and red wines at a controlled temperature, in order to being able to allow our guests to sample every type of wine at its best.

The variety of wines in our cellar is pretty wide. We decided to give space to our regions’ cellars, in Trentino Alto Adige, but also to be able to offer Labels of proved relevance from the entire Italian territory.

Our local selection of red wines stretches from Pinot Nero, an excellence, to Lagrein characterized by red fruits scent, and to the famous Teroldego, the most important black berry wine varietal in the whole region.

In the section of white wines we decided to leave the honour place to floral and fruity wines of our region such as Gewurtztraminer, Sauvignon and Muller Thurgau, giving also space to still wines like Chardonnay and the loved Riesling.

our Guests

talking about us

Dove Siamo

ci trovi a Soraga in Val di Fassa


Strada de Pont 4
38030 Soraga (TN)


+39 0462 768127
+39 329 3552456


Parcheggio Privato

Orario di Apertura


lunch …….. 12:00 – 14:30
dinner ……… 19:00 – 21:00
bistrò  …….. 09:30  –  17:00


lunch …….. 12:00 – 14:00
dinner    ……… 19:00 – 21:00

Servizi Disponibili

Locale Climatizzato
Free WiFi
Area Giochi nel giardino estivo
Lago di Soraga


il Parco Fluviale e le passeggiate

Il ristorante si trova all’inizio del Parco FluvialeVischia deSac” detto anche Lago di Soraga

Il ponte sul fiume Avisio che si staglia proprio alle spalle del ristorante e collega il Praco Fluviale alla pista ciclabile (pista da fondo in inverno) è uno dei punti di accesso ad una serie di passeggiate tra cui:

  • l’anello Soraga-Moena-Soraga   –   adatto a tutte le gambe e le età
  • l’anello Soraga-Moena-Someda-Soraga   –   un po’ più impegnativo ma molto panoramico
  • la passeggiata Soraga – Pozza di Fassa
  • il giro Sett Mases

Strada de Pont 4 – 38030 Soraga (TN)

Restaurant 12.00 – 14:30 *** 19:00 – 21:00
Bistrò 09.30 – 17:00

Restaurant  12.00 – 14:00 *** 19:00 – 21:00

Per Prenotare

0462 768127 *** 329 3552456

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